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Dear Publishers, You are advised to consider all these points before applying for empanelment of your newspaper in DAVP. It is according to ‘new advertisement policy 2007’.

All Newspapers/Journals seeking empanelment should comply with following:

1. It must have been uninterruptedly and regularly under publication for a period of not Less than 36 months save as under:
(Note: The qualifying period shall be only 18 months)

2. To provide special encouragement for newspapers in languages like Bodo, Garhwali, Dogri, Kashmiri, Khasi, Konkani, Maithili, Manipuri, Mizo, Nepali, Rajasthani, Sanskrit, Santhali, Sindhi, Urdu and tribal languages/dialects as certified by State Government OR newspapers published in J&K, Andaman & Nicobar Islands And North Eastern States can be considered for empanelment after 6 months of regular And uninterrupted publication.

In the case of all regional and other language small & Medium newspapers, the qualifying period shall be 18 months.



3. In order to tap the readership potential of mass circulated newspapers, with a Circulation of one lakh and above, such newspapers be made eligible for empanelment after a period of one year of regular and uninterrupted publication. The circulation claim of Such newspapers will be considered only if certified by RNI or ABC.

4. It should comply with the provisions of the Press & Registration of Books Act, 1867.

5. It should not have been disqualified by DAVP in the last six years and should not be a defaulter of DAVP.

6. The period of disqualification should not exceed six years.

7. It should not have been established by RNI at the time of applying.

8. The applicant should also furnish a copy of the Certificate of Registration issued by the RNI In the name of the publisher.

9. The details of the paper like size, language, periodicity, print area and details of printing press etc. as asked for in empanelment form may be given.


Further, it must be substantiated that the paper is being published at a reasonable standard.
Reasonable standard, inter alia, means that:


10. The Print matter and photographs should be legible, neat, clear and without smudges, overwriting, and tampering.

11. There should be no repetition of news items or articles from other issues.

12. There should be no reproduction of news items or articles from other newspaper/journals and the source of news/articles should be mentioned.

13. Masthead on its front page should carry the title of the newspaper, place, date and day of publication; it should also carry RNI Registration Number, VOll, issue, number of pages and price of newspaper/journals;

14. The newspaper should carry imprint line as required under PRB Act; and Inner pages must carry page number, title of the paper and date of publication. For multi- editions place of publication must be mentioned in inner pages also.

15. All the publications must carry editorial.


NOTE: The publisher must ensure that his/her publication fulfils all the norms laid down in the Policy before applying for empanelment rate renewal. The application form must be complete in all respects with supporting documents. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Fresh applications for empanelment may be made twice a year i.e. once at the end of February and other by the end of August. The Applications made before February end will be considered in month of May of the same year and their contract will start w.e.f. 1st July of the same year and applications made before August end will be considered in November and their contract will start w.e.f 1st January of the next year.


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  2. It"s o.k.But tell some technical things i.e one has take over a ruhan what nning news paper of 3 yrs old daily paper and all the formality for new Regd. has been made but registration (Revise) certificate has not received by stipulated date of online registration than what will be fate of new publisher ! pl.iform DD MIttal
  3. Points are ok but it is confusing that whether publications disqualified by the DAVP over last six years should apply after six years of disqualified time or should apply within six years of the time it is disqualified? Please make this point clear as at one place it is said that the period should not exceed six year and at the other it says contrary position. It would help if clarified.

    Also there appears to be no periodicity bar. what about a quarterly journal? If these information are send to my email it would greatly help. Thanks.

    Indu Bharti
    Editor & Publisher of a quarterly Journal
    CHETANSHI published from Patna.
  4. hi sir ple your information very usefull to publishers...ple send u r updates to mail and sms to mobil.sir iam new publisher i dont know any thing ple sir give me details for davp empanelment my pepar 'TOLIKIRANAM"TELUGU DAIL (A.P)HYERABAD.mobil no 9032838091,9963946441.18 months fineshed how to apply empanelment for davp.ple give me detail my email.
  5. dear, sir, please guid to davp empanelment register,
  6. bahut hi upyogi jankariya aap dwara samay samay par pradan hoti rahti hai, bahut accha prayas hai lipa ka.
  7. It is very useful information for applying to DAVP empanelment for all publishers.
  8. Your information very useful to publishers....pls send u r updates to mail or sms to mobile.
  9. It is very useful to all new publishers. thank you very much. from UNIVERSITY EXPRESS Monthly magazine.:-)
  10. thank u for giving valuable information yvnrao associate editor agriclinic.telugumonthly
  11. given the matter davp enpanelment is too useful...keep it up my brother..i also member of lipa..no.11111

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