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Dear LIPA Member, We are just going to Point out the Main Focus key by asking HOW to help for your Newspaper Publishing and marketing. These all Key Points need complete analysis from your ends. With all Key Points you should discuss in your publishing house with editors and marketing person. So, kindly make concentration on each point that we will write here.

Tired of writing and work for other people's Newspapers and magazines? Why not start your own. It's easy and requires little or no cash up front. I have done it many times. I tell you how you can do it too in this HIGHLY DETAILED, STEP-BY-STEP publishing manual.

In the Publishing Revolution. How I Got into Publishing. The First Big Project. The "Sweat of Your Brow (SOB) Factor": Brains, Time and Energy, Not Money. Moonlighting.


How To Get Started In This High Profit Business With Little Or No Upfront Cash Investment: For the startup home based publisher cash is usually in short supply. Why this is no handicap to you. How you can make your home based publishing enterprise a no-risk, self-financing business How you can finance your ongoing publishing projects from the cash they themselves bring in. Five ways to get people to work for you and happily accept payment for their services after the money starts coming in. Three proven techniques that will generate cash flow before you print a single copy.

How To Take Advantage Of The Amazing Profitability Of Niche Market Publishing: You've heard of it. Now find out how to get in on it. How to recognize and profit from these hot, new publishing opportunities that allow you to minimize costs and maximize profit. Niche market publishing targets a desirable, identifiable, and reachable readership and then charges advertisers a premium price for delivering their message to that readership. How to sell to advertisers who desire to reach your niche market and will pay well for the opportunity.

How to Gather the Secret, Inside Information You Need about Your Competitors And The Way They Do Business: Most new Kitchen-Table Publishers find this section jam packed with absolutely necessary information. When you're getting started one of the most puzzling things is to find out what others are charging for the goods, services, advertising space or books that they are publishing and providing. This kind of "business intelligence" is essential. What are your competitor’s strengths that you must overcome? What are the weaknesses that you can take advantage of? How do they structure their deals? Kitchen-Table Publisher provides fail proof strategies for finding out these and other facts that you absolutely must know.

How To Know If Your Publication Will Make Money. Simply apply the profit potential formula, give you in Kitchen-Table Publisher and calculate, before you ever spend a penny, probable costs and probable cash flow and profit.

How To Start And Publish City And Regional Magazines. How much money can you make with a city magazine? Profits and Pitfalls. How to identify, hire, and train the salespeople you will need. How to determine the most profitable publication schedule. Personal as well as financial benefits. How to set up and maintain a production schedule. How to write, or find others who will write, articles that will make your magazine popular. How to develop a format for layout and design that will simplify production control costs. Similarities and differences between city and regional magazines. How a larger market area can increase advertising sales, but if you are not careful, increase costs even faster. The geographical limits you must set, and why. How to price your ads for profit.

How To Start And Publish Your Quality Of Life Magazine And Other Chamber Of Commerce Publications: These are high profit winners. Published annually, they are fund raisers for the chamber, but the lion's share of the profits usually goes to the publisher. How to gather and analyze samples of these magazines. How to approach the chamber to get the assignment. How to give them what they are looking for in a publisher. How a "quality of life" magazine in a small to medium size city can bring in $20,000 to $40,000 a year in net profit for a few weeks work and without any risk to you. How to set the terms of your contract with the chamber. How to make sure that you get the job again next year.

How To Start And Publish A Newcomer's Guide: If you want to create a profitable magazine, do one of these. How to generate advertising contracts. How to create a powerful editorial plan that is easy to implement. How to plan your newcomer guide for maximum profit. How to develop the editorial information modules and articles that will make your guide a success. How to get results for your advertisers. How to expand your guide to other, nearby cities.

How To Start And Publish A Travel And Tourism Guide: How to evaluate publishing opportunities. How to analyze and evaluate the competition. How often to publish your guide. Results-getting circulation. How to design your tourism guide for maximum pulling power and profitability. How to sell your ads or train others to do so. How to price your ads. How to develop stories, guides, events, schedules, and information modules that assure success. How to find and hire freelance writers, artists, photographers and more. How to get your advertisers to pay you for much of your production expenses. How to write and sell advertorials.

Ways To Make Big Money Publishing Local, Regional And Other Highly-Targeted Books. Publish Your Own Magazine contains eight specific book projects that you can undertake in any town or city. These ideas can be duplicated in market after market. Learn how to sell newspaper for ten, fifteen, even twenty times the production costs to you.

How To Start And Publish A Weekly Newspaper Or Free Circulation Shopper: Ever dream of owning your own newspaper? It's easier than you think. You can start a successful weekly in a town of 2000 or more. How to get by with very little up front cash and minimal equipment. How to test your advertising base. The all-important editorial format and how to plan it. Why people will buy your ads. Free circulation or paid? Four types of weeklies: traditional, semitraditional, niche-market and the outright shopper. How much money can you expect to make? How to organize your newspaper staff. Pictures, headlines and subheadlines. How to sell your newspaper for big profits.

How To Sell Your Ads And Manage Your Sales Staff: The Profile of a Successful Sales Person. Where to Find Top Salespeople Who Will Wait to Be Paid. How to Pay Salespeople Out of the Commissions They Generate. Your Prospect List. Make a Call Schedule. Ad Sales Process. Three Key Motivations to Buy Advertising. Finding the Person Who Can Buy. Product Knowledge: What It Is and Why It Is Important. Those Moneymaking Little Ads. Plus Lineage, Special Sections and More: What They Are and How to Sell Them. Advertorials. Dealing with Ad Agencies. How to pay Your Sales People after the money comes in.

How To Design And Price Your Advertising: Make Ads Appeal to Your Readers. Elements of an Effective Ad. Pick Up Ads from Other Publications. Setting Ad Prices. Pricing Strategies. Computer Storage and Retrieval of Ads. Modular Ads. "Earned Rates," and How to Set Them

How To Design Your Publication, Tips And Techniques: Ideas are Everywhere!. Personality, Character and Unity. Choice of Format. Typography Facts You Need to Know. Creating a Style Sheet. Headlines. Number of Columns. Constant Elements. How to Design Your Front Page. Using Photos and Other Graphic Elements. Page Layout Strategies. Getting Printed.

How To Manage Circulation And Distribution. Paid circulation or Free? Circulation Vs. Distribution. Distribution Techniques. Paying Your Circulation Manager and Paper Carriers. Other Distribution Techniques That Work. The Importance of Conspicuous Distribution. How to Answer Thorny Questions about Circulation. Counting Households. Big Profits from Nested Ads. Generating Classified Advertising.

How To Publish Membership And Association Directories: What these projects are and how to find them. These projects are easy to carry out, once you know the ropes. How to know which opportunities offer the highest profits. How to deal with hentai porn associations and keep them happy. How to land the assignment. Extras that associations love. How to keep publishing these directories year after year. How to design successful membership and association directories.

How To Make Money Publishing Real Estate And Apartment Guides: When planned correctly these publications can lead to great profits and continual growth. How to analyze the market. How many potential customers do you have? How big does a market have to be. How to sell your guides in small cities . How to take advantage of competitors' weaknesses. How to position your guide for success relative to those of your competitors. How to price your product. How to get your advertisers to pay many of the production costs. How you can determine the minimum ad rate you can live with; a good, middle of the road ad rate; and the maximum that you can charge. How to minimize your design and production costs. How to maximize sales through powerful customer service. How to lay out and design your publication. How to design your publication to minimize the cost of printing.

How To Save Money On Printing: All printers are not created equal. Your business success depends on finding the right one for the job. Unless you work smart, printing costs can eat up not only your profit but your working capital as well. Why your friendly, local printer is probably not right for the job. How to find the specialty, wholesale printers that you need. Design secrets that dramatically reduce printing costs.

How To Hire The People You Need (At A Price You Can Afford To Pay): How to Find and Use Freelance Writers and Artist. The Profile of a Successful Sales Person. Where to Find Top Salespeople Who Will Wait to Be Paid. How to Pay Salespeople Out of the Commissions They Generate. Intern Trainees Work for Free. Government Pays Half the Costs.

How To Sell Your Publication. Successful publications are very marketable products. Sooner or later someone will want to buy yours. How to determine the asking price.

Remember: you are selling future earnings as well as present earnings.

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